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For the preselection, the contestants will be divided in 3 cyphers. Every cypher has one judge. If everybody in the cypher danced at least one time, the judges will switch to another cypher. So it means you will have to dance 3 times and prove yourself to each judge separately.

Prelims will be done in 3 cyphers. Enter the cypher and dance, as many times as you like, for however long there's time to cypher (ca 1 hour). Choose your moment to shine and and make sure that you impress every single judge. During these cyphers, the judges will choose the TOP 8 that will battle in the Seven2Smoke.

What is a Seven2Smoke? 20 minutes, 8 dancers, 3 judges and a DJ. That's what you need! One of the dancers starts in the winning spot, the rest are challengers. The battles are one vs one. The winner takes the winning spot, and is challenged by the next challenger in line. It is always the jury that decides who wins. Do you lose a round? Then you go to the back of the line of challengers. The winner is the dancer who beats seven opponents in a row or the one who wins the most after twenty minutes.




Sign up for the battles at the door March 31st ->

Breaking Battle

12:00-14:00  Breaking Battle (age till 15) seven2smoke

10:45-11:30    Register Breaking Battle (age till 15) seven2smoke


16:30-19:00    Breaking Battle (age 16+) seven2smoke

10:45-15:30    Register Breaking Battle (age 16+) seven2smoke


Hiphop Battle

14:00-16:00   Hiphop Battle (age till 15) seven2smoke

10:45-13:00    Register Hiphop Battle (age till 15) seven2smoke


19:00-21:30    Hiphop Battle (age 16+) seven2smoke

10:45-18:00    Register Hiphop Battle (age 16+) seven2smoke

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