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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When and where can I buy tickets for Break A Leg 2024?

A: Ticketsale  (15 euro a person) via www, You must exchange your E-ticket for a wristband at the entrance. 

Q: How can I contact you?
A: Phone: 020-4107701 & Email
Adres Meer en Vaart 300 Amsterdam

Q:How do I get to Meervaart?
A: ​Are you coming by bus or tram? You can use the Osdorpplein Oost stop, right in front of the Meervaart. 

Are you coming by car? Parking situation changed as of October 1, 2023, Meervaart no longer has a special arrangement with Q-Park, and the rates have changed. During performances, you can no longer purchase a cheap day tickets at Meervaart. You can park in the Q-Park parking garage, located at Osdorpplein 249, just a 1-minute walk from our theater. The first hour is free, after which you pay €2.00 per 30 minutes (or part thereof).

Q: Do we need an extra ticket for participating in the battles?

A: No, you only need to pay 15 euro once and you have entrance all day. It doesn’t matter if you have a Crew Competition ticket, Battle ticket of Visitor ticket. The price is all the same, so in the end all the tickets are the same. *It is mandatory to register at the desk on time if you want to participate*

Q: Where can i find the timetable?

A: Our timetable can be found here 
The line-up and program times are subject to change. Always check for the latest version of the timetable.

Q: I want to participate in one of the battles. Where can I get the information?

A: Anyone can participate in the preselections, you just need to buy a ticket and show up on time for registration. During the preselections the dancers are selected for the battle. More information about the preselections can be found next week on our website:

Q: How can I battle?

A: Solo dancers can register for the battles at the door on March 31, 2024.

Tickets: 15 euro (all day access).

Q: Are the battles 1-vs-1 battle?
A:  No the battles go from cypher preselections to a top 8 even2Smoke
For the preselection, the contestants will be divided in 3 cyphers. Every cypher has one judge. If everybody in the cypher danced at least one time, the judges will switch to another cypher. So it means you will have to dance 3 times and prove yourself to each judge separately.


Seven2Smoke: Prelims will be done in 3 cyphers. Enter the cypher and dance, as many times as you like, for however long there's time to cypher (ca 1 hour). Choose your moment to shine and impress the judges. During these cyphers, the judges will choose the TOP 8 that will battle in the Seven2Smoke.  


What is a Seven2Smoke? 

20 minutes, 8 dancers, 3 judges and a DJ. That's what you need! 

One of the dancers starts in the winning spot, the rest are challengers. The battles are one vs one. The winner takes the winning spot, and is challenged by the next challenger in line. It is always the jury that decides who wins. Do you lose a round? Then you go to the back of the line of challengers. The winner is the dancer who beats seven opponents in a row or the one who wins the most after twenty minutes.

Q: I would like to know some more about the dance workshops.

A: Anyone can participate in the workshops, you dont have to get an extra ticket fort he workshops. Your visitor/battle or Crew Competition ticket is valid the whole day.


Q. Can I get hearing protection?
A. We think it's important that you can not only dance to good music now, but also in twenty years. Protect your ears from hearing damage by wearing hearing protection. We advice you to bring your now earplugs. But we also have some earplugs available at our information desk on Sundays. 


We recommend bringing self-heard protectors for small children. Nowadays there are special headphones that work excellently (the webshop has a wide selection).

Q: Is there an age limit?

A: All ages are welcome. Children ages 3 and under are free to enter. It is advised to bring noise canceling devices such as earplugs or headphones for young children. And we recommend not to bring small baby’s to the events because of the loud music.

Q: What prizes can we win?

A: We have different prizes for different categories.

Breaking Battle  16+

€ 500

Hiphop Battle 16+

€ 500

Crew Competition:

Prize Juniors: € 350

Prize Adults: € 500

Prize Mega Crew: € 750


Breaking Seven2Smoke kids 15-

All Styles Battle kids 15-

Mini's & Kids Crew Competition

Winners win a trophy

Q: Can I also visit the event of im not a dancer?
A: Don't worry, there's plenty to see and hear all day long! Even if you don't dance yourself, this is an event not to be missed! In addition to the battles, there is much more to do in the field of Urban Culture.

Q: Is there security present?
A: Security will be positioned at the entrance of the theatre. Follow their instructions when asked to. The security are there for you protection and to help you if you should need it

Where to find missing stuff ?

There will be a Lost & Found at the ticketsales desk. You can return any lost items directly there and visit to inquire after your missing items.

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